The future of books

luni, 21 ianuarie 2008

The future of books

People used to be broud of the fact that they read as many books as they could. But today people who still read seem to be ashamed of the fact that like spending their free time reading a book and not doing something more interesting with their time.

But this is what is wrong with today’s perception on reading books. Reading a book is not boring, it’s actually quite interesting. Books have the power to take your mind and your imagination in a journey to a world that has nothing to do with your problems and with the world you live in. Books are a great way to escape the every day’s stress and to ’’feed” your mind with the informations it needs so much.

Reading a book is not only a great way to escape stress and relax but a great book can also offer you a way to solve your problems, from the present or from the future . Reading a book is like living a different life and by doing this you can learn things that you can use in your life.

And today we can read all kind of books, about anything we want, written in all sorts of styles. We only have to fiind the book that captivates us in it’s story. And if we like the style in which the book is written we should try to read more books from the same author or from other authers whi lived in the same period as the one that wrothe the book that we liked.

These are only a few of the reasons that make me believe that books will always have a great impact on our society. Maybe the number of people who read books is smaller today than 20 years ago but people still read great books because people need to escape their own life sometimes and reading gives them the perfect way to do that.